Organizing to end gender based violence.

About us

Based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we educate and empower women to understand their rights around gender based violence.

Our Work

In most cases, in our African societies, we are witnessing multiple discrimination and violations of human rights (especially those related to gender, among others, rape, domestic violence, domestic violence forced marriage, sex trafficking).

Most of these victims are completely unaware of their rights, and often find it normal and their burden to be subjected to them.

Other survivors cannot speak up and cannot reach the justice system to denounce the abuse they are suffering.

These problems affect not only uneducated girls and women but also those who say they are intellectuals or who believe to be able to master their rights. In truth they maintain a pretense to protect their reputation and avoid to “become the gossip of the village”, and be outcast from their social networks.


two Swahili words, designate a strong, courageous woman able to denounce the evils and abuses they suffer