In the DRC obtaining government authorization for operating for a charitable organization requires two documents:

The “Statute et Reglement de l’Order Interne” and the “Permit de Fonctionnement”

We have presented these documents on 28 August and have paid a total of USD 500.00

The statute was signed by Provincial Minister of Justice, Mr. Josepf Bitafwana Mukono – see photograph from 30 October after the singing by Mr. Mukono with Mwanamke Mjasiri Chairwoman Amina Uploe Nyna, and Grace Burhungane Binja, Deputy Secretary.

The Statutes of our organization is however still awaiting the final signature and “le permis de fonctionnement” from the Governor of South Kivu, His Excellency Théo Ngwabidje Kasi, We hope to be able to obtain that document very soon.